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Create a new event and share related information regarding participants, locations, activities, schedule, public transport, flight connections, etc. with other participants. Just start with entering the currently available information. Information can be changed and if not available now be added at any time.

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Contact information

Contact information is optional. If not provided, the creator of the event has to manage the generated event administration and participation links on his/her own.

This e-mail address will only be used for forwarding the generated event and administration links to the creator of the event (you). NO account will be generated on the basis of the provided email address.


The decision support is based on the rating of the agenda entries by participants. The goal is to obtain a ranked list of entries at the end that best reflects the opinion of the participants.

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After this feature is activated, the generation of the invoices has to be configured on a separate page. The page can be accessed from the administration section on the event edit page.

Privacy information:
The provided data will only be used for the purpose of this event and will not be passed on to third parties!